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Casino Postcard

Throwing a "Casino Night" Party


The excitement of Las Vegas can be enjoyed wherever and whenever you want. At our casino themed party guests will surely be excited by the array of blinking lights and the thrill of gambling at the casino game tables including blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, let it ride, Texas Hold’em and plenty more. Casino party packages are available based on the number of guests and include everything needed to turn your event location into a booming casino floor. We bet that you will have a great time! Remember that your casino party can include any theme you desire. Our specialists are prepared to help you consider props and decorations to make your casino night themed party stand out and be extraordinary!

We have an entire website dedicated to Casino Night and Casino Party planning!

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Common Casino Games

The following is an overview of the most popular casino games. Other games are available.




Blackjack A very popular casino game that everyone knows how to play. The goal is to get the total of your cards as close to 21 without “busting” or going over while getting closer than the dealer’s total.


Craps Up to sixteen players can enjoy this exciting game. Guests place their bets for or against the roller. Tables feature chip rails, four-color casino layouts, pyramid rubber and mirrors on the inside, and even drink rails for your guests. All accessories are included, including dice, stick, drop box & paddle, on/off pucks, and lammers & lammer rack.


Roulette An easy game that involves a beautifully crafted wheel containing thirty-six numbers, evenly divided between red and black, plus 0 and 00. Bet individual numbers (pays 35-1), or groups of two (17-1), three (11-1), four (8-1), five (6-1), six (5-1), twelve (2- 1), or eighteen (1-1). Great fun, with each player having his or her own color of chips to help keep the betting straight.


Texas Hold‘em The biggest of all poker games a favorite at the World Series of Poker each year. Players each get two cards down, and then play five common cards in the middle of the table. This game involves highly structured rules for antes, betting, and raises.

Big Six Money Wheel

Big Six Money Wheel A casino-size 60-inch wheel decked out in mirrors and glitter features real US currency of all different denominations, as well as an American Flag and a Joker. Place a bet on the bill of your choice on the custom-designed matching table, and if it comes up, you win your bet times the amount of the bill. For example, place a $100 bet on the $20 bill, and if the wheel stops on the $20 bill, you win $2,000!! (your $100 x 20). For even bigger payouts, the Flag and Joker both pay a huge 35-1.

Casino Party Theme Variations


Tropical - Imagine being on a gorgeous beach, palm trees swaying, tiki torches burning and the sound of a reggae band playing in the background. Now add in the ringing of slot machines & the spinning of the roulette wheel, and you are at a Tropical Casino!

Roaring 20’s/ Speakeasy

Roaring 20’s/ Speakeasy – Jazz music playing, men in tuxedos and zoot suits surrounding the craps table, Al Capone and the Rat Pack sitting back smoking cigars and playing poker, women dressed to the nines with pearls sipping martinis – sound like an old movie? Not at all- it’s a Roaring 20’s casino party!

Country Western/ Texas Hold ‘em

Country Western/ Texas Hold ‘em - Wear your cowboy boots, hat, and spurs. You can have a Texas Hold ‘em tournament or a casino party with a Country Western twist. You can have the casino take place in a corral, decorated with saddles, hay bales, cacti, horseshoes and Wanted posters.

Viva Las Vegas/ High Rollers

Viva Las Vegas/ High Rollers – Transport your guests to The Vegas Strip for a night. By using scenery and other decorations, we can make you feel like you are in Vegas, no matter what the actual location. Imagine slot machines ringing, people cheering at the craps table, and of course, Elvis and showgirls!

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore - A regional twist on the average casino night. Add the atmosphere of Atlantic City, the nostalgia of past vacations down the shore, a little bit of the boardwalk, some sand and the ocean breeze, and what have you got – an Atlantic City/ Jersey Shore Casino! Decorate the room with lifeguard chairs, oversized postcards, and scenery to set the theme. Add in some boardwalk games in addition to the sights and sounds found in the casinos of Atlantic City.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As with everything, there are some frequently asked questions in regard to casino parties. We have tried to answer the most common questions that have come up. If you have any questions regarding a Casino Night, please call us at 1-888-AUD-PLEAS


Is this legal? Yes. People have been throwing casino parties for over fifty years. They are strictly for entertainment, and since real money is not being used, no one is breaking the law.


Do I tip the dealers? The dealers provide a service just as they would in an actual casino and tipping is generally based on the level of that service. It is customary for the host to tip the dealers, however, some guests may want to tip the great dealers themselves. Remember, the chips have no cash value, and therefore, should not be used to tip the dealers.


Do you have to be 21? The beauty of having a casino themed party is that there is no age limit! However, fundraising events are the exception since all guests must be at least 18 years old.


What happens if I do not know how to play one of the games? Our fun, friendly and professional dealers, dressed in tuxedos are always ready to assist those players who need a little instruction in the game and will adjust the pace of the table to the skill level of the players. Our focus is to encourage fun in a relaxed environment and promote interaction among the guests.


Casino Equipment and Decor

8 Table Casino Royale- Professional dealers/Pit Bosses. Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps, Caribbean Stud, Slots, etc. Optional comedy/actor dealers.
Money Machine- Inflatable or hard case. Rentals and sales
Casino Style Acts, Entertainers, and Dancers
Casino Decor and Props- Big dice, chips, backdrops, lighting, and more
Custom Slot Machines- Themed custom slot machines
Night at the Races Horse Betting- Big screen horse betting complete w/ announcer and custom programs
Look-a-Likes- Casino acts, Celebrities, Movie Stars, etc
Big Screen Sports Betting- Big screen sports betting complete w/ announcer and custom programs
Custom Raffles and Silent Auctions- Raffle Drums, auctioneers, fund raisers, etc.
Video Poker
Texas Hold-Em Tournament- TV and Casino style tournaments. From 4-100 tables
Crab/Goldfish Racing- MC/Announcer... Custom programs available; real crabs and goldfish in thrilling light-hearted competition.
High Roller Photo Bar- Custom labeled and themed items
Custom Casino Funny Money- Custom printed bills and chips w/ your theme as the focus
Las Vegas Photo Mirage- Las Vegas style superimposed photos... On currency, dice, VIP cards, high roller cards, etc.