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Postcard Country Western

Country and Western Theme Party Props

Country Western

Western skyline mural, wagon wheels and 6' hitching post with cedar fence, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood life-size stand-ups, cowboy hats, sombreros, bandanas, toy rifle and guns, cactus flat and realistic cactus arrangements in clay pots, gringo taking a siesta, milk can, coffee pot, run jugs, lantern and serape blankets, campfire made of rocks and wood with a realistic flame, full-size turkey, chickens and roosters with real feathers, Boot Hill grave stone and lasso rope, covered wagon—3/4 life size, nail keg barrels, wooden crates and gunny sacks, "O.K. Corral" wooden sign with "Happy Trails" on back side, "Howdy Cowboys & Cowgirls" welcome sign, "Wanted" posters (which can be personalized), "Bessie the Cow" self-standing flat, pipe & drape for backdrops & to hang mural

Night at the Races

Night at the Races

Get the full feeling of being at the racetrack and bettin' on your favorite horses! A great choice to add something different to your next event, even fundraisers!

Rodeo Roper

Country Western Horseshoes

Great country Western Concept. The rider sits atop our lifesize mannequin horse. The calf is released by a tap of your heel and it rolls down the mechanical track allows the player to test their roping skills. Great for western theme parties and aspiring cowboys. INCLUDES: Cowboy Operator & western theme props.

Western Saloon Casino Gambling

Country Western Girls

Mosey on into the saloon to play poker, black jack, roulette, craps and more. We offer funny money casino games. We provide good 'ole fashioned games, including funny money, chips, tables, dealers and instruction.

Additional Accents

Country Western Saloon

Western saloon swinging doors, horse and saddle, western town flat picturing a bank, saloon & general store; Centerpiece ideas: Rustic flowers and bandanas in mason jars or upside-down cowboy hats filled with prairie flowers